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Creators of CHAOS ISLE: Zombi Deck The Epic Multiplayer Zombie-Themed Card Game

.."I'll play it several more times, even though I don't have to play it because the review is done, just because I really like it" - Matt Drake, Drake's Flames
"Simple enough to teach to casual gamers with enough replayability for serious gamers" - Jim Zabek, The Wargamer
"The rules are clean, keep the game moving and don?t have a lot of exception-based fiddly bits" - Lowell Kempf, BGG patron
"One of the things I like best about this game is that when you die, you keep playing as the zombi that killed you!" - 3 Trolls Games & Puzzles
"Lots of reasons to like this fine card game" - Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week
"Excellent replay value and a wide variety of amusing game modes" - Anthony DuLac, BGG patron and reviewer for Knights of the Dinner Table

CHAOS ISLE is a non-collectible, yet Expandable, Zombie-Themed card game for up to 6 Players. Chaos Isle offers more than a dozen different ways to play, including Cooperative, Competitive and Solo Play. Five Expansions are currently available for the game. Choose a Character, Mission, Feat and Equipment. Prepare a new Virus for each hand. Attempt Tasks to add to your Equipment. Run from Zombies to avoid becoming like them or fight Zombies to gain the resources needed to complete your Mission. Play Feats to aid your Character or to wreak havoc with the other players, but watch out for Mutated Zombis and the deadly mutating Virus. Killed by a Zombie? Not to worry: Become that Zombie and begin attacking the other players' Characters!



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