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Our latest game, PSYCHOPATH, is AVAILABLE NOW!! One player, acting as a deranged psycho, attempts to kill off all the Camper players in this Exciting and Different card game with a campy B-Horror Movie flavor splashed with inane commentary and featuring over-the-top, and sometimes gruesome,
imagery. Check it out HERE!!

October 2022

A Killer Card Game for 1-4 Campers and One Psycho!!

They say there’s a hermit that stalks the area surrounding Camp Quietus. His name is Johnny - a murderous psycho determined to protect his territory from partiers and fornicators. You see, Camp Quietus is his home. He was born and raised there. He studied law school there. He killed his mommy there! Now all he wants is peace and quiet, but Johnny’s in for a busy weekend!

Psychopath is a ‘One vs. Many’ card game where one player acts as the Psychopath - a deranged killer attempting to hunt down and slay the Camper players using a variety of Actions and Items at his disposal. The Camper players try to survive the Psychopath’s attacks and hope for rescue using the Actions, Items, Allies and Skills available in their deck of cards. If the Psychopath manages to kill all the Campers, he wins the game! But if at least one Camper survives or manages to become Rescued, the Campers win! Psychopath can also be played as a Campaign, with both sides scoring points over a predetermined number of games.

Psychopath is presented with a campy B-Horror Movie flavor splashed with insane commentary and featuring over-the-top, sometimes gruesome, imagery!

"I am most pleased with Psychopath. It’s a straightforward “take that” kind of game with a nice twist. The “one versus many” approach works well, keeping the game’s play well within its defined boundaries of the theme, and only serves to compliment it from start to finish...the game mechanic works brilliantly with the game’s theme. I lost track of time playing this game, which is an excellent sign." - Father Geek (Cyrus Kirby)

"I cannot say this game is good wholesome fun for the family, but hot damn, I enjoyed myself. This is a great game to play with my friends, have a beer, sit back and try to survive.” - Parent Geek Player (from Father Geek review)

"Excellent. I recommend it—great game with a deep theme, a fun narrative, and a wicked sense of humor." - Gamer Geek Player (from Father Geek review)

"I really like the layout of the cards. Understanding what each card does under different circumstances is very intuitive, which goes a long ways towards making the game playable." - Gnomekin (Lowell Kempf: BGG Reviewer and Patron)

"I'll play it several more times, even though I don't have to play it because the review is done, just because I really like it" - Matt Drake, Drake's Flames

"Simple enough to teach to casual gamers with enough replayability for serious gamers" - Jim Zabek, The Wargamer

"The rules are clean, keep the game moving and don?t have a lot of exception-based fiddly bits" - Lowell Kempf, BGG patron

"One of the things I like best about this game is that when you die, you keep playing as the zombi that killed you!" - 3 Trolls Games & Puzzles

"Lots of reasons to like this fine card game" - Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week

"Excellent replay value and a wide variety of amusing game modes" - Anthony DuLac, BGG patron and reviewer for Knights of the Dinner Table

CHAOS ISLE is a  Zombie-Themed card game for 1 to 6 Players. Chaos Isle offers multiple ways to play, including Cooperative, Competitive, Solo Play and More! Choose a Character, receive a Mission and Equipment. Attempt Tasks to add to your Equipment. Run from Zombies to avoid becoming like them or fight them to gain the resources needed to complete your Mission. Killed by a Zombie? Not to worry! Transform into a copy of that Zombie and begin attacking the other players' Characters! With the RISE OF THE CREATOR Expansion for Chaos Isle, you can now play Feats to aid your Character or to wreak havoc with the other players, but watch out for Mutated Zombies and the deadly mutating Virus! With the Sixth Expansion for Chaos Isle, APOCALYPSE, players draw new Zombies, Allies, Equipment and Locations, but Doomsday cards can also be drawn and added to the Doomsday Track; when its limit is reached, the Apocalypse is triggered and all hell breaks loose!


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